AgroSkandia manages around 12.500 ha with a sustainable and cost-efficient production of various crops, primarily winter wheat, winter rape and maize, based on the no-till seeding method and a healthy crop rotation. The crops are cleaned, dried and stored in the company’s own grain center.


AgroSkandia produces high-quality milk using Danish management principles with a constant focus on optimizing the milk quality, food security and animal welfare. AgroSkandia has around 1000 dairy cows and expect to increase the herd substantially.


AgroSkandia grows high-quality vegetables, primarily potatoes.

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Values and Mission


We seek to produce foods of consistent high quality, in accordance with European standards for quality, storage, food security and animal welfare.


We aim to ensure a sustainable and cost-effective production with the long-term goal to produce the greatest possible amount of consistent high-quality goods with as little carbon footprint and environmental impact as possible. This is obtained by reducing CO2 emissions using primarily no-till farming, reduced utilization of chemicals and fertilizer, state of the art technology and IT systems.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We aspire to act in a proper manner in all aspects of the business and to comply with international corporate social responsibility standards. Focus is on being a trustworthy and reliable employer, business partner and contributor to the local community.

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NEFCO is the Nordic Environmental Finance Corporation. It has financed a range of environmentally friendly investments conducted by AgroSkandia, including an upgrade of its fleet of agricultural machinery, modernization of the stables for the dairy cows, and reduction of the use of chemicals and fertilizers by adopting GPS controlled distribution technology.

Deloitte continues to assist with the annual international group reporting and international tax issues.