AgroSkandia is an innovative, family owned farm. The company seeks to produce crops, milk and vegetables of high quality, by utilizing Danish knowhow and expertise with a consistent focus on production efficiency, cost-efficiency and sustainability. We seek to act in a proper and socially responsible manner towards our employees as well as the local society and our partners.


AgroSkandia owns approximately 12.000 ha and manages around 13.500 ha divided between two farms of 6.000 ha and 7.500 ha. The land on each farm is very well situated. The farms are situated in the villages Babushkino and Yasnaya Polyana only 20 kilometers apart and close to the border to Lithuania. The company has approximately 1.000 dairy cows of European genetics with respective young stock. The company has 130+ employees.


AgroSkandia was established in 2006 by a group of Danish farmers who acquired a community farm, ZAO Kuibushevskoe, in the Babushkino village. One of the investment companies acquired the farm in the beginning of 2015. Later in 2015 the community farm, Yasnaya Polyana, was acquired. The farming community, Yasnaya Polyana, was established in 1945 with the purpose of continuing the agricultural business of the former national stud of the Trakehner breed, Trakehnen, which by 1945 was the world’s largest national stud. The main building is owned and preserved by a German union for the preservation of Trakehnen.